CME Overview

Continued Medical Education (CME)

Continuing Medical Education (CME) or Continuing Dental Education (CDE) refers to an event organized to expand the knowledge and skills required by the doctors. CME/CDE programs are meant for graduated board certified doctors who have completed their formal training. It includes not only classes and conferences but also ACLS/BLS classes and live operative workshops.

CME/CDE  conducted at Baqai Medical University have sessions on national health programs on relevant subjects i.e. community oriented preventive medicine, along with adequate exposure to recent advances, changing modalities of treatment, adequate exposure of consumer protection and medical insurance laws, record keeping, community oriented preventive medicine and medical audit. In addition we also update our doctors on the modern teaching practices of medical education, evaluation, assessment of the medical students.

Credit Hour

Credit hour is the time spent during a conference or workshop. One 3 hour session will be awarded 2 credit hours. It should be kept in mind that one day session of a conference is limited to 6 hours or 2 credit hours.

Credit Point

Credit point measures the amount of effort you have during a particular CME/CDE. Different activities have different credit points. Maximum credit point earned from one CME/CDE are 4 points which are awarded to speakers of the conference. Following is a list of different activities and credit points that can be earned from them:

Guest Speaker in International/National Conferences 4 Credit Points
Paper Presentation (Oral Poster) in International/ National Conferences 2 Credit Points
Participation in International Conference as Delegate 2 Credit Points
National Conference organized by Recognized accredited National Professional Organization 2 Credit Points
Outside CME/CDE/Symposia organized by recognized professional bodies 2 Credit points 2 Credit Points

Specialty Distribution of CME

PM&DC has defined which specialty doctor can attend which subject CME/CDE. A detail of this is given below:

Specialty  CME/ CDE
Preclinical Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology etc.
Para-clinical Pathology, Microbiology, Community Health, Dental Materials, Dental Pathology etc.
Surgical Surgical and Allied disciplines
Medical Medicine and Allied discipline including pediatrics
Gynecology/Obstetrics Gynecology, General Surgery, General Medicine, Anesthesia, Radiology

Exceptions to the above restrictions are:

  • ACLS/BLS workshop which can be attended by any doctor.
  • CME/CDE consisting of sessions from multiple specialties can be attended by doctors from any specialty.
  • General practitioner and those who work in hospital administration can attend any CME/CDE.